Sober Living in Missouri City, TX

If a person is interested in sober living in Missouri City and wants to learn more about how it works, how long a person can or is obligated to stay in a sober living house, what day-to-day life is like at a sober living house, and what rules a person would have to abide by in order to stay there can all be covered by one of our drug rehab and treatment specialist. Family members are welcome to contact our facility as well to find out what services are available for their loved one who has recently begun their recovery.

One of the toughest things a person can do is quit using drugs or drinking alcohol once they are addicted. Addiction takes over a person's mind. Body, and spirit in ways someone who has never been addicted to anything can ever imagine. When a person is addicted long enough -- the time frame varies greatly from substance to substance and person to person -- they will do anything to make sure they get their next drink or hit.

This includes borrowing money, stealing, selling possessions, and in severe cases much worse and dangerous activities. Once a person has gone through detox, rehab, and been introduced to our program for relapse prevention in Missouri City to help them stay sober, they still can have a major battle every day depending on the environment they return to after going through treatment.

That is why sober living programs were developed, to help recovering addicts and alcoholics that are having problems coping with the stresses of living in sobriety stay clean and sober. At our sober living facility, recently sober addicts and alcoholics can be assisted with a structured environment that will assist them on a daily basis.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living, when integrated with SMART recovery, is a series of stages that a recovering addict or alcoholic go through that help them graduate to a level of being able to cope much better with triggers, cravings, and the stresses of the world around them.

The SMART program can begin in a drug or alcohol rehab or our sober living facility and is based on what the program developers refer to as the 4-point program.

These four points include building motivation, coping with urges, problem solving, and lifestyle balance. The last point brings everything together for a recovering addict and shows them how they can live a life going forward without drugs or alcohol.

The SMART program is an excellent course of action during the initial stages of aftercare and helps reinforce any other sober living programs a person may be engaged with because of the stages it is divided into.

How Long Would I Have to Stay in a Sober Living House?

How long a person stays in a home for sober living in Missouri City depends a lot on their individual strengths and weaknesses and what type of environment they would return to if they were go back to living where they were before they went into rehab.

If you have a healthy support system of friends and family that will help you maintain your sobriety, you may need only a short stay in our sober living facility in order to get your footing before you return 100% to the world at large.

Our sober living treatment programs in Missouri City also help people get back into a better state of general health by providing a living environment that is conducive eating right, getting exercise, and improving every part of your life.

Residing in a Sober Living House -- What Would I Expect?

When someone has been addicted to drugs or alcohol there can certainly be culture shock as they try to return to their previous environment except without drugs or alcohol. If their work and home life was stressful and they used drugs or alcohol to cope with that stress, the urges and cravings may return quickly if they return directly to the same place they were in life before rehab.

Many recovering addicts choose sober living programs because it gives them a stepping-stone to living clean and sober. Stays of any length in our sober living facility can help recovering addicts build relationships with other like-minded individuals who can then become part of their support system. Sober living in Missouri City can help people gradually adjust to life after rehab.

Are There Rules in a Sober Living House?

Sober living in Missouri City does have rules, the primary one being that an individual must remain clean and sober. Submitting to drug tests is typically required. Pitching in and taking care of household responsibilities like paying rent is also a necessity. Call us now for more information (832) 532-3093.

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