Relapse Prevention in Missouri City, TX

As part of the services we offer in the area, we can help any recovering addicts or alcoholics with relapse prevention in Missouri City by helping them develop their own personalized relapse prevention plan and introducing them to the available support group organizations.

When an addict or alcoholic has been able to successfully stop using or drinking and begin their life in recovery, it is important to recognize that their work is far from over. For the rest of their lives, they will have days when they do not have even a passing thought about using or drinking and on the other end of the spectrum they will have stressful days when all they can think about is having a drink or taking a hit.

That's where drug relapse prevention and alcohol relapse prevention programs and support groups can make the difference between having a setback and successfully getting past a rough day and staying clean and sober.

Drug relapse prevention and alcohol relapse prevention are what can be looked at in layman's terms as the third stage of a person's initiation into their life in recovery. What that means is a person must first go through the detoxification process, which is when they stop using drugs and, often assisted by a choice of different techniques, rid their body of the addicting substance.

Next, an individual goes through rehabilitation, where they receive counseling, therapy, and other treatment programs in Missouri City to help them get their footing in their new, sober life. After these two major steps or milestones, then a person begins to rely on their relapse prevention plan to stay on the positive path of sobriety.

Before you get to the stage where you'll be fully immersed in a plan for relapse prevention in Missouri City, we can assist you with getting clean and sober and teaching you how to stay that way.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention is the active and passive steps a recovering addict or alcoholic takes on a regular or emergency basis in order to stop themselves from using or drinking again. Each addict or alcoholic has to develop a drug relapse prevention plan or alcohol relapse prevention plan that works for them but there are a lot of support services available to them.

At our program for relapse prevention in Missouri City we also teach people in recovery that part of their plan should be to develop their own support system as well so that no matter what therapy, counseling, outpatient care, or other aftercare program they are a part of they always have someone to call when they feel like they might drink or use again.

Relapse Statistics for Addicts and Alcoholics

Addiction may seem like something a person brings on themselves by abusing drugs or alcohol, but it is actually a chronic disease. A person who is susceptible to addiction due to a mental disorder doesn't automatically start drinking or using drugs and develop a habit but once an addiction has taken hold of a person they cannot just turn it off.

The bright side is that addiction is a very treatable chronic disease. Our program for treating dual diagnosis in Missouri City addresses the problem of mental illnesses interacting with addictions. The down side is that the relapse rates are in the same ballpark as other chronic diseases such as hypertension or asthma.

Another good point is that addiction can be controllable through a comprehensive drug relapse prevention plan or alcohol relapse prevention plan that helps maintain a recovering addict or alcoholic's sobriety.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Relapse

When a person in recovery is not reacting well to a stressful situation, this can be a sign they may use or drink again and should put their drug relapse prevention plan or alcohol relapse prevention plan into effect. This can mean calling someone, going to a support group meeting, or doing something personal to them like meditation or recounting some of the negative effects drugs or alcohol had on them in the past.

Typically, it is good to have several avenues to travel down in order to be sure a setback is avoided. As part of our program for relapse prevention in Missouri City we make sure addicts and alcoholics keep the details simple, like making sure they have everyone's number in their phone and written down as well. That way there's no panic over a dead cell phone battery.

The key to relapse prevention is to stop the relapse from happening in the mental or emotional stage, so that the physical stage, wherein the person is actually trying to get drugs or alcohol, never occurs. Call us now for help (832) 532-3093.

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