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Our great staff that works at our drug detox in Missouri City can explain to addicts, alcoholics, and their family members facts about drug detox, what withdrawal symptoms patients will experience as they go through drug detox, and why it is so beneficial to detox in a supervised program as opposed to at home.

Battling addiction can be a long fight but once a person makes the decision to begin the recovery process they have turned a corner in their life. Admitting that you have a problem can be the biggest hurdle of all and once an addict or alcoholic has taken that step many doors are opened for them when it comes to the rehabilitation process. However, there can still be a lot of fear involved when making the decision to get help even after person admits they have a problem.

Change and new circumstances can be a scary thing for a lot of people, even when the change is absolutely positive. Think about an instance when you have started a new job. Although the opportunity might have been a great one for you, there was probably some stress felt when you walked in the door for the first time and as you made your way through your first weeks and months.

At our drug detox centers, we have exceptionally trained specialists who are well aware of all the factors that go into admitting you have a problem and asking for help.

Our professionals who work with patients going through treatment programs in Missouri City know that they are helping individuals with the very first step they must take on their road to sobriety. Many times, the foundation that is put down during the detox process is what helps an addict or alcoholic make it through the bad days when they are well into their recovery.

What is Drug Detox?

To begin rehabilitation, each addict and alcoholic, no matter how short-lived or mild their addiction may be (or seem to them), must go through the detoxification process and rid their body of the substance they are addicted to and move on with their recovery. At our drug detox centers, patients are assessed in all areas of health, not just regarding their addiction, so that our staff fully understands what each person is going through and so that they have a baseline to work from as the person begins the detoxification process.

This includes the possibility of a dual diagnosis in Missouri City if the patient suffers from a mental illness as well as an addiction. Drug detox treatment is designed to monitor and assist addicts and alcoholics through the symptoms they will experience when they are no longer drinking or taking drugs.

People who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for any length of time often disregard their general health in addition to any negative effects their substance of choice might be having on their bodies and the detox specialists who work in our facility for drug detox in Missouri City make sure even the simple things like diet, hydration, and proper sleep are being seen to for each patient. Good nutrition, exercise, and rest can play a major part in how well a person reacts to detox and transitions into rehabilitation.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

One of the signs that someone is addicted to alcohol, drugs, or other substances or activities is that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the substance or taking part in the activity or they notably reduce the frequency or amount that they are doing. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, these symptoms can be a mild annoyance or so severe they are life threatening.

The specialists who work at our drug detox centers see patients with aches and pains, nausea, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, shakes and tremors, as well as other, more severe, symptoms. Drug detox treatment can trigger cardio-vascular, respiratory, and issues with other major organs and systems of the body and is one of the big reasons it is highly recommended that anyone fighting addiction detox in a supervised program.

Our center for drug detox in Missouri City can answer any questions about the process you may have about how detox works.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

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